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Why Choose Cobb Chiropractic Clinic

Specializing in neck, shoulder, back pain and other work or sports-related injuries, Cobb Chiropractic provides quality and affordable chiropractic care. Our Greensboro, NC chiropractic office, treats a wide range of ailments and injuries. We deliver the expert care that helps you to find the relief you need, and quickly get back on your feet, utilizing the most advanced chiropractic techniques and methods available today. We treat the underlying cause of your discomfort to ensure you have an abundance of health, vitality and wellness.

Cobb Chiropractic is a comprehensive chiropractic practice that provides services to the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Our team of experts focus on improving the health of each patient by providing custom care for those who live in constant pain, have diminished balance, injuries, or recurring health issues.

Our Chiropractic Services Help Those Who Have:


When you’ve been in a car accident you can suffer from many health issues such as lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, and other issues. At Cobb Chiropractic Clinic we have been focusing on treating auto accident injury victims in Greensboro for nearly 40 years and are leaders in the field.



By holistically identifying the causes of back and neck pain as well as providing beneficial adjustments, we are able to truly provide long-term and sustainable relief. At Cobb Chiropractic Clinic we have been the experts in treating Back Pain for nearly 40 years in the Greensboro area.



We have seen and treated patients that have experienced Slip and Fall Injuries that have impacted their lives for more than 40 years. If you were hurt in a Slip and Fall schedule an appointment with our Chiropractors now. 



Cobb Chiropractic Clinic has treated Workers' Compensation Injuries in North Carolina for nearly 40 years. We will provide Accurate Documentation of your Injuries, Treatment Solutions for your Pain and refer you to the best Personal Injury Attorneys in Greensboro that won’t charge astronomical fees.



At Cobb Chiropractic Clinic we have treated all ages and types of athletes in Greensboro and the surrounding area that have suffered Sports Injuries with state of the art Physical Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques. Let's get you out of pain and back on the field or court in no time!


How Chiropractic Care Can Help You

If you have never visited a chiropractor, Greensboro NC patients can attest, you have been missing out. Our chiropractic office delivers expert services to help you enjoy optimal health. A misalignment in your body can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, acute low back pain, migraines and more. Chiropractic treatment looks at the cause of the problem and treats the cause.

Regular chiropractic adjustments are not just about making the pain disappear. They are about improving your nervous system naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic treatment is considered an alternative medicine approach. We do not depend on pharmaceutical interventions to treat our patients. We use an integrative approach that can include massage therapy, spinal manipulation, spinal adjustment, neck manipulation, and more.

When you are suffering from an injury, pain or other health problem, an experienced chiropractor can provide you with the relief and stability you need to reach optimum health and peak performance levels. Wellness is not a destination, but a way of life that takes constant management and upkeep. Chiropractic care is a natural solution to common health problems that helps to restore and maintain your health and wellbeing. Whether low back pain, carpal tunnel, or other aches and pains, We can help you with quality care

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Injury Diagnosis and Treatment at its BEST!

At Cobb Chiropractic Clinic, we focus on the treatment of Personal Injuries. We have been serving Greensboro and the surrounding area for over 40 years, and are the leaders in the field. Our experienced Doctors provide personalized attention, working to document and treat your injuries with care and scrutiny.

If you need an attorney to help settle your case, we can refer you to some of the premier Personal Injury Lawyers in our community.

With a combination of the Best Chiropractors and Attorneys working by your side, we can help you get well and get the most money in your Settlement.

Call our chiropractors today before contacting an Attorney!

  1. Call Cobb Chiropractic Clinic so you can start your medical treatment right away. Find a local chiropractor near you.
  2. Call your insurance company to begin the claims process.
  3. Call the police to have an accident report filled out.